woooo i made a new oc

this is coline and shes a total babe whos into supernatural stuff

do u ever just feel like an oil spill in someone else’s ocean 

i have too many problems that i cant tell anyone about (´・ω・`)

yeaaa witchsona time!!! B)
i’d be a sea-cave witch that gives potions to the local merfolk with my handy dandy fishy familiar

i always thought of the notepad as a cute yandere shota boy so i drew it

doki doki

green is not a creative color 


so i found out someone else has a chocolate fountain oc too……

i jumped on the gay dessert bandwagon hahahaah
this is fountain-kun!!!! he’s a quiet dude but once u get to know him he’s rlly funny and makes terrible puns 
also he never cuts his bangs so they just grow over his eyes to the point where he can barely see [which is why he has a tendency to run into large metal poles]